Feedback has been received from the community on a proposed concept design to improve the Insley Street and Molesworth Drive/ Moir Street intersection.  Council has updated the drawings with the key feedback and has produced two options for further feedback. The feedback period has been extended until 26th of February.

How to provide your views:

There are three options:

  • E-mail your feedback to by February 26 2020.0
  • Fill out the online survey
  • Visit the Mangawhai Council reception at The Hub, 6/6 Molesworth Drive.  Ask for a copy of the current proposal and also a feedback form.
  • Visit the drop-in day on 26th February at Library Hall from 3pm to 7pm

The Current Proposed Plan

The below shows what’s proposed to improve congestion, access and safety. 

Single Roundabout

1-13587.00_Mangawhai Corridor Improvement Plan_Single RAB

Double Roundabout

1-13587.00_Mangawhai Corridor Improvement Plan_ Double RAB

History and why this is proposed:

The Mangawhai Community Plan was consulted upon and accepted by Council in February 2018 from the Mangawhai Community Plan Advisory Panel and was adopted by Council as part of the Long Term Plan at the meeting in June 2018. The MCP number one transport initiative was to:

‘…fix “pain points” in the network (notably the two intersections at the Village shops) but otherwise use cycling and walking to improve connectivity.

The intent is to slow traffic and life down generally when people are in Mangawhai. Roundabouts are the preferred mechanism for improving vehicle flow at intersections, while keeping movement at a reasonable speed that promotes the slow pace and safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

As a result of this consultation and sign off by Council the intersection improvement work and shared path were included in the 2018 to 2021 Long Term Plan.