The Stage One projects for our transport work stream have been scoped and identified to be a shared path to create an enhanced and safer walking connectivity around the network and an intersection upgrade to cater for the traffic demand with the increase in growth for Mangawhai.

Both projects work towards ‘Key Move One – Slow Street from school to beach’.

A slow street will connect the different areas of Mangawhai, from the school to the beach over time, invigorating town centres along the way.

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Water Management

The Stage One projects for the Water Management work stream have been scoped and identified to be the installation of 100-year design storm water pipelines that will mitigate current issues with storm water and sewage discharge in Eveline Street and Quail Way.

The first Stage One project of the Mangawhai Community Plan for Water Management, has been completed in conjunction with Abergeldie Harker Limited. 1200mm and 900mm stormwater pipelines have been installed on Quail Way, along with swales and energy dissipaters at the outfall on Breve Street; these are positioned to alleviate the flooding issues that were prevalent on the site.

Kaipara District Council are grateful to the surrounding residents for being as patient as they were with onsite works throughout the project.  

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Open Spaces

The Stage One project for the Open Spaces work stream is the commissioning of a feasibility study for Mangawhai walkways (connections) to share key findings with the Mangawhai Community for feedback and to identify opportunities for community participation in the development of improved access routes.

The study aims to identify a programme of prioritised projects, with indicative budgets and timelines for implementation.

This project contributes to “Key Move Two – Blue Green Infrastructure”, “Key Move Three – Improve connectivity” and “Key Move Five – Protecting coastal character and history”

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