Open Spaces Projects

Coastal Walkways - feasibility

The Stage One project for the Open Spaces work stream is the commissioning of a feasibility study for Mangawhai walkways (connections) to share key findings with the Mangawhai Community for feedback and to identify opportunities for community participation in the development of improved access routes.

The study aims to identify a programme of prioritised projects, with indicative budgets and timelines for implementation.

Mangawhai Coastal Connections fact sheet

Two open days were held on the 15th and 16th June to share materials produced by KDC design partner Resilio.  Over 95 community members provided high level feedback on key design elements that could be possibilities for how the Mangawhai coastal walkway could be implemented. Different ‘Character Areas’ were displayed on large posters and on individual feedback forms to encourage maximum input from participants. 

The project team really appreciated the open robust conversations and time people gave to participate. The level of knowledge and passion that the community holds regarding the local area really impressed us. We would like to ensure that we acknowledge and incorporate this input as we continue to develop the full study.

Feedback is currently being collated, including the online survey to capture the thoughts of those who were unable to attend on the day.


Walkway Renovations at Picnic Bay

For some time now the walkway and steps from the Surf Beach Carpark down to Picnic Bay have been washing out during large weather events.  This is due mainly from the shear amount of water that comes off the carpark and gathers momentum as it runs down the walkway.  After several small failed attempts to improve this walkway we have worked out a design which will hopefully remove the run off early and channel it into the natural gully next to the walkway.  This, we believe, is the natural overland flow path anyway. 

The upgrade will hopefully be the last we need for a while and if successful we will attempt this method in other problem areas across the districts walkway network