Wood Street 

The Council has been working closely with the Mangawhai Business Association and community to create a more people-friendly Wood Street, testing layout and design through a temporary summer trial (Dec 2019-Feb 2020), co-design community workshops and the latest interim design (on trial since December 2020). A Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency grant through their Innovating Streets programme means that the Council can continue collaborating with the Mangawhai community, testing and finetuning further improvements. This progressive co-design approach is called ‘tactical urbanism’. The interim design and community collaboration will inform a future permanent upgrade.

26 April 2021

Thanks to everyone who filled out the recent Wood Street revitalisation project evaluation survey. We received a strong response rate, with 350 responses in total and a broad spectrum of views. We are still working through some of the feedback in the survey but we wanted to let you know the team is already working on some of the design aspects you gave us feedback on.

Some key points you told us in the survey:
You like the one way system, the two way access route through the fire station, and the extra off-street parking created down the back of Fagan Place.
You have concerns about (or you don’t like) the reconfigured parking in the central area, as well as pedestrian safety, the road art, and traffic movements on Ellen and Margaret Street.

More information on what the improvements will look like will be shared in May. Please come along to the in-person drop-in session we will be hosting to see what we are working on – info to come soon. We plan to make the changes by the end of June.
Key things to remember:

  • This interim design in place now is a temporary trial designed to inform a future permanent upgrade. It has built on the first summer trial, community collaboration and feedback, and is iterative – meaning it can be tweaked and changed through the two year period it will be in place. This will take us up to after Easter 2022. The permanent design will be implemented after July 2022.
  • The Wood Street revitalisation project is 90 percent funded by Waka Kotahi NZTA as part of their Innovating Streets programme.
  • The project was initiated by the Mangawhai Business Association, who first approached Council in 2019 due to concerns about road safety in the area. They continue to be an integral partner.  

Community co-design workshops held in 2020:

Saturday 18 July 2020 (workshop notes PDF)
Thursday 30 July 2020 (workshop notes PDF)
Thursday 20 August 2020 (workshop notes PDF)

The latest interim design is now in place and tested from December 2020. Check it out via the flythrough below (Dec 2020). As part of the ongoing co-design process the interim design is subject to tweaks and changes, so we will be regularly asking for feedback on what's working and what's not to finetune the permanent design. Please note the artwork and colour palette depicted in the flythrough is indicative and do not reflect actual art design. Aaron McConchie and Mangawhai Artist Incorporated have led the artwork design and you can view the actual artwork here (please note some areas are subject to change). 

Our interim design for the Wood Street revitalisation project is 90 percent funded by Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency, as part of their Innovating Streets programme.

Flythrough of interim design (updated Dec 2020)

First Wood Street summer trial 2019/2020

We facilitated three community design sessions to generate ideas, mapped out some temporary solutions and developed an implementation plan for 16 December 2019 to 10 February 2020. In addition, technical officers carried out a site visit to assess infrastructure, safety, and operational issues.

Ideas we trialed over summer 2019/2020 included:

  • additional parking
  • temporarily turning Wood Street into a one-way street
  • left turn only in and out of Fagan Place
  • 60-minute parking and bike racks
  • clear marking to separate footpaths and car parks
  • improved footpaths with signage to help people find their way.

You can find more details of the first Wood Street summer trial (Dec 2019-Feb 2020) in these posters:

Wood Street activation – Background and vision
Wood Street activation – Tactical trials
Wood Street activation – What is happening this summer?
Wood Street activation – What could the future look like for Wood Street shops?

Read the feedback summary for the first Wood Street summer trial (2019/2020).